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SIx Weeks of Iranian Art - شش هفته با هنر ایران

Toronto to exhibit ‘Six Weeks of Iranian Art’

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SIx Weeks of Iranian Art - شش هفته با هنر ایران

Sat May 5, 2012 12:19PM GMT
The Canadian capital of Toronto is slated to host an exhibition of Iranian arts, featuring the work of internationally renowned and award-winning Iranian artists.

The second edition of the Iranian festival titled Six Weeks of Iranian Art is to be held in Toronto’s Queen Gallery this fall.

The event is scheduled to showcase the Iranian cultural heritage through featuring Persian visual arts, plays, music and films created by the artists in Iran and Canada.

The festival will present four visual arts exhibitions including the remarkable works of the renowned art master Mohsen Vaziri-Moghaddam.

Four musical performances including the Levon Haftvan ensemble as well as a selection of the best Iranian short films and documentaries, including that of the award winning director Seyfollah Samadian will be also presented at the festival.

Holding several screen-play reading and story-telling workshops are among other programs of the event.

The Six Weeks of Iranian Art is to kick off on September 21, 2012.


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