IRIB- Canada to hold Six Weeks of Iranian Art

Canada is planning to hold Six Weeks of Iranian Art festival, hosting visual artists, photographers, musicians and filmmakers in the city of Toronto.

  Canada to hold Six Weeks of Iranian Art

According to Press TV, the festival program includes four visual arts exhibitions, four musical performances and screening of a selection of the best Iranian short films and documentaries.

The program also includes interactive workshops, screen-play readings, story-telling and networking events as well as a dusk-to-dawn continuous projection of short films and selected art works for the public.
The Mystic Train exhibition of the festival will exhibit paintings, photographs, sculptures and graphic designs created by eight Iranian women.
Visitors will also get the chance to see works by a number of veteran Iranian artists at an exhibition called The Backdrop to the Future.
The 2012 Six Weeks of Iranian Art festival will kick off on September 21st at Toronto’s Queen Gallery.

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