Ali Kamran

Ali Kamran

Ali Kamran; Graphic Artist, Photographer, theatre & movie Directorwas born on January 20, 1974 in Tehran. In 1997, he finished his university by achieving bachelor of science degree, and on Sep 11,2006, immigrated to Canada.

Ali Kamran has been involved in  designed industry as a graphic designer and art director since 1997. His posters for the theatrical shows brought  local and international recognitions for him. From 2006 Ali Kamran continued his art journey in Canada  and numerous  Canadian festivals, Music albums and theatre posters flourished by his style.

“Artists can color the sky red because they know it’s blue. Those of us who aren’t artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we’re stupid. so great art picks up where nature ends. “

Ali Kamran


Art Director and Graphic Artist: Book House (Khaneh Ketab)
Graphic Artist: Hamshahri Newspaper
Graphic Artist:Yellow Pages of Tehran
Art Director and Graphic Artist of The 1st theatre Festival of Eco
Art Director and Graphic Artist of International Festival of Women Painter
Graphic Designer of Katibeh Magazine
Art Director and Graphic Designer of Karnameh Monthly
Graphic Designer of Hamkaran Monthly
Graphic Designer of 21st Century Music Monthly
Art Director and Graphic Designer of Makan Publishing co.
Designer of 2 opening title for movie (RED, M.D.M.A)
Designer of 4 movies posters (RED, NOCTURNAL, AREZOO, NO-ONE TALKS TO NO-ONE)
Designer of more than 10 poster for theatre



2007 Golden winner of “2007 GRAPHIS Poster Annual” (New York)
2007 Tehran International Poster Biennial
2006 Biennial of Typography (5th color)
2006 Image of the Year (The selection of the best Iranian pictorial art works)
2006 5th generation Graphic Designers Biennial
2005 Image of the Year (The selection of the best Iranian pictorial art works)
2004 Press Festival: Award for best magazine layout
2003 Tehran International Poster Biennial
2003 Theatre poster Biennial: Award for best theatre poster for 20 years
2001 Tehran Biennial of Graphic