Mehrad Meraji

Mehrad Meraji

Mehrad Meraji was born in Tehran on July 9th, 1986.At the age of ten, Mehrad immigrated to Canada with his family.
With his dad as his mentor and teacher he was trained in the technical aspect of art, while allowing his natural skill to flourish.
In his final year at high school, several of his teachers as well as the school purchased his artworks. He is currently finishing up his drawing and painting degree at the OCADU.

Mehrad Meraji

 It is as if Mehrad was born with a pencil in his hand He comes as the youngest exhibitor to a forum in which masters are present and he doesn’t hesitate. His hand is sure, deft and whole heartedly consumed with a personal vision. He is interested in life, as only the young are able to be, sans criticism, agenda or cynicism, with an embracing affirmation of the joys of identity. With a Chuck Close bravado, he renders his family and friends, blows them up for examination with relentless pride and comes across with great portraits, contemporary in scale and yet traditionally masterful.

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Group Exhibitions

2010    OCAD Grad show, Toronto, Ontario
2009    Figuration, Headbones Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2008    Six Week Iranian Art, Cultural Reunion,  Toronto, Ontario
2007    Peel Gallery , Brampton , Canada
2007    the Figure Show, OCAD, Toronto, Ontario
2006    Drawing 2006 John B Arid Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2006    Iran Iran and I ran with Bogos, HendBones Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2006    Result of the Head Hunt, HeadBones Gallery, Toronto Ontario
2006    Creation, Scarborough Art Council, Toronto, Ontario
2006    Second Year Painting, OCAD, Toronto, Ontario
2006    Drawing 2006, John B. Arid Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2005    First Year Show, OCAD, Toronto, Ontario


2006    First Place Award, Drawing 2006, John B. Arid Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2004    Art Purchase Award, Sir, John A Macdonald, Toronto, Ontarios