Mahmoud Meraji

Mahmoud Meraji was born on February 18, 1958 in Tehran. He started painting in 1974, and in 1998, immigrated to Canada with his wife and son. Throughout the years he has been experimenting with different mediums, and he is now more focused on working with pastel and oil color. His art work spans Classicism, Realism and Surrealism. The present series are the result of his endeavor in Modernism.


Mohsen Vaziri Moghadam

Mohsen Vaziri-Moqaddam was born on May 26, 1924 in Tehran. Mohsen started primary school days when he was five; however, he had had some writing and reading lessons with his father. In 1946, he achieved a Diploma of Fine Arts Academy from Tehran University and in 1958, Diploma of “Accademia di Belle Arti” From Rome. Between 1955 And 1964 he lived and worked in Rome. In 1964 returned to Tehran as a Professor of Art at the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University till 1974. In 1985 he and his family moved from Iran to Italy (Rome), he’s visiting Iran frequently.

Mehrad Meraji

Mehrad Meraji was born in Tehran on July 9th, 1986.At the age of ten, Mehrad immigrated to Canada with his family.
With his dad as his mentor and teacher he was trained in the technical aspect of art, while allowing his natural skill to flourish.
In his final year at high school, several of his teachers as well as the school purchased his artworks. He is currently finishing up his drawing and painting degree at the OCADU.


Edman Aivazian

Edman Aivazian,is an Iranian-Armenian Painter who was born in 1932, Tehran, Iran. He started painting by the age of 13 and he He won medal in International Art Competition For Young People, when he was 16. Nine years later, he won the first prize bestowed by Modern Iranian Painters and Iranian Cultural Ministry. Edman Graduated from London Sir John College. He  currently resides in England.


Six Weeks Of Iranian Art

Ronak kordestani

Ronak kordestani is a visual artist who was born in 1976 in Tehran – Iran . Traditionally trained in painting and drawings and  Graduated from Art School in graphic design in 1994. Later on she achieved her bachelor of art from In Tehran University(Iran) on 1999.

Ronak Kordestani Immigrated to Canada and She is now pursuing her second degree in Studio Arts In Concordia university In Montreal where she is now exploring different medium’s such as Video, Performance, Photography as well as painting and drawing. She Is now focusing on integration of these medium’s in the contemporary context with her own practice.