Next cultural sensation of our city

”Six Weeks of Iranian Art” Festival      

Toronto September 21-November 2, 2012

The second  Six Weeks of Iranian Art festival is returning Toronto with an even bigger dream of aiding and representing Canadian-Iranian artists in this multicultural landscape – showcasing more headlining stars and empowering emerging artists at Toronto’s historic Downtown. This fall Toronto’s Queen Gallery will be home to over 150 artists, performers and exhibitors.

As a visible growing minority in Canada with more than 150,000 Iranian-Canadians in the country the need for cultural preservation and progression has become a clear ambition in the Iranian community. Six Weeks of Iranian Art is an invitation from the ever-growing Iranian community in Toronto to all Canadians to come and be inspired, intrigued, and amazed by an innovating and thought provoking festival. From visual arts to captivating theatre, music and film, this 6 week festival aims to cast the spotlight on Iranian artists while embracing our rich multicultural community. From September 21, 2012 to November 2, 2012  internationally renowned, award winning artists, among emerging young talents will take part in a number of exhibits and performances. With overwhelming success in 2007, this non-for-profit festival is sure to become the next cultural sensation of our city.