Mansoureh Feizi

Mansoureh Feizi

Mansoureh Feizi was born on September 1, 1981 in Tehran (Iran). As a result of her strong passion for art,  in the year 2002 she passed the theoretical and practical entrance exam of the faculty of Fine Arts at Tehran University in the field of sculpture. Finally she achieved Bachelor of art on 2007 and her sculptures have been placed in many different art exhibitions. Her work was praised by the member of the jury in the Fifth Tehran Sculpture Biennial. She found the sponge as a right material to express her artistic visionary in a form of sculpture.

 Six Weeks Of Iranian Art

Lately, she started to practice on jewelry designing. Her artistic approaches to such a define and elegant materials have been recognized by the legendry jewel designers in Iran. 




 Honoured in the Fifth Iranian Sculpture Biennial