Ronak Kordestani

Ronak Kordestani

Ronak kordestani is a visual artist who was born in 1976 in Tehran – Iran . Traditionally trained in painting and drawings and  Graduated from Art School in graphic design in 1994. Later on she achieved her bachelor of art from In Tehran University(Iran) on 1999.

Ronak Kordestani Immigrated to Canada and She is now pursuing her second degree in Studio Arts In Concordia university In Montreal where she is now exploring different medium’s such as Video, Performance, Photography as well as painting and drawing. She Is now focusing on integration of these medium’s in the contemporary context with her own practice.

Ronak Kordestani’s paintings bridge the gap between representational images and abstraction. She works with acrylic and collage. The abstract landscapes incorporate elements of collage, with vintage maps and faded photographs disappearing into the dreamlike and unknown environment.

 She is interested in Human migration, global Diasporas and Cultural identity issues and the lost values in the lives’ of immigrant people.Recently she has incorporated Video and performance to her practice and has done collaborative projects with another artist working in the same discipline.

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